You'd Think After Doing These Missives Since 2015, I'd Be Better At Coming Up With Subject Lines.

My darlings! If you’re in the Bay Area, you underwent a “Category 5 atmospheric river” on Sunday. In my part of San Francisco, this meant a ton of branches littered everywhere, and one hella spooked pup when the wind started moaning at 2 am. It was a record 4.02 inches of rain, which, according to NBC Bay Area, “places it fourth on the city's list of wettest days ever and sets a record for the wettest October day.” And here ends my discussion of the weather, reminding me that I am still very much a Canadian.


That’s it, that’s all! Fill up that water bottle, treat yourself to your favorite cup of coffee and try and get to bed by a decent hour. And by request, here’s what one of you lovely folks requested as an “Orca Tax”. Here she is at a puppy social last night:

It’s a renaissance painting, what can I say?

Xoxo Amy