Get In Dorks, It's Corduroy Season.

Darlings! It’s now October, which means it’s #squadgourd season / #spookyhalloween season, depending on which My Favorite Murder trope you throw your support behind. Let this be our seasonal reminder that a) I love horror movies but have to watch them on my laptop in broad daylight, with closed captioning on and Wikipedia in front of me so I don’t get scared by plot points, and b) if you try and scare me IRL like in a haunted house, it’s likely I will punch you in your pranking face and burst into tears. So don’t do that, kay?


  • The Verge’s Casey Newton got his hands on leaked audio from two Facebook all-hands meetings and he helpfully divided it into snippets for your ear hole consumption, so that you can listen to Suck discuss topics like breaking up big tech, protecting content moderators, and why he says he won’t appear in front of every legislative body that summons him around the world. Now, most tech companies in the Bay Area have some form of Friday all-hands meetings where employees get unfiltered access to executives, but it is most certainly for internal ears/eyes only. The fact that this audio got out is remarkable.

  • Yes, humans are inherently biased and we’ve been that way since Twitter was just scratching dirty jokes into the walls of a cave, but with social media, we’ve also gone and shot bias rocket fuel into our inherently biased veins and made it suuuuuuuuper easy to spread. That’s it, that’s the observation.

  • In our ultra-connected internet society, it’s easy to be disconnected from the very real physical challenges of death, so articles like this are important: The macabre and emotional art of retrieving dead bodies in San Francisco. Because the reality is (SPOILER ALERT) we’re all going to die at some point, and someone is going to have to clean us up in whatever state we are in. And since meditating on the grim realities of that activity doesn’t exactly pair well with an Instagram “legs on the beach” pic, we need pieces like this to remind us we are just sacks of slowly-dying meat.... oh look, there's a bird outside my window [distracts self from encroaching dread.]

  • Look, I love jade rollers and a good CBD face mask as much as the next ultra-anxious white woman, but I am also WELL aware of the sketchy shenanigans that plague the industry that generates the demand for those products. And my Mum gets me, so she sent me this episode of CBC’s Front Burner podcast: One doctor’s fight against the ‘Wellness Industrial Complex’.

  • And finally, friend of the Missive Emily said that she crafted this headline just for us, dear readers, so I am overjoyed to share it with you: 13 Very Good Doggos That Made Canada's Climate Strikes Too Freaking Cute.

You’ve got this, friends. Be kind to each other, mmmkay?

xoxo Amy